Part 4 - Setting Your Custom Domain

The Datto Drive Professional and Pro20 packages also allow you to set a custom URL for Datto Drive so that it can be consistent with your product offerings.  The following steps walk you through how to set up your custom URL.

1)  Registering Your Custom URL

The first step is to first register the domain that you wish to use for your custom Datto Drive.  This is not a feature provided by Datto as part of the Professional/Pro20 accounts and must be done separately.


2)  Generate a Certificate Signing Request

The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) will result in you having two files.  a .KEY and a .CSR file.  These will ultimately be uploaded to the server that your Datto Drive account resides on.

Here is a site that can be used to generate the CSR.


3)  Create a CNAME Record

With the vendor you registered your new domain, you need to create a CNAME record that points from the new URL to your existing Datto Drive URL.


4)  Enter Your Custom Domain in the Datto Drive portal

Within the Datto Drive portal, there is a section when you are managing the account to type in the custom domain name you will be using for that particular Datto Drive instance.  


5)  Upload your .KEY and .CSR files

From step 2, attach and upload your .KEY and .CSR files.


After all these steps have been completed and saved, then you should begin to start accessing the Datto Drive account at the new URL.  The desktop sync client and mobile apps will understand/respect the custom URL too.