The goal of the Encryption app is to protect data on external storage. All files sent there will be encrypted by the Datto Drive server, and upon retrieval, decrypted before serving them to you (or those you shared them with). The key to decrypt the data resides on and never leaves the Datto Drive server. This makes the Datto Drive Encryption app a great tool to benefit from cloud storage offered by services like Dropbox or Google Drive while ensuring security and privacy of your data

To enable Encryption, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Admin page, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 - Admin menu

  2. Go to the Server Side Encryption section, and check in the box to Enable server-side encryption.

    Figure 2 - Server-side Encryption

  3. After clicking the Enable Encryption button, you see the message "No encryption module loaded, please load a encryption module in the app menu."
  4. Go into the Apps page, as shown in Figure 3.

    Figure 3 - Apps

  5. Click on Not enabled, as shown in Figure 4.

    Figure 4 - Enabled

  6. Find the Default Encryption Module in the list.
  7. Read the documentation before deciding to enable encryption.
  8. Click the Enable button to enable this module.

For more information about encryption on Datto Drive see the article How ownCloud uses encryption to protect your data.